Lightning at the Pier, Safety Harbor, Florida


 Welcome to Acuity9 Digital Productions!

Photography and videography are more than just cameras and lenses- it is the mastery of light and composition that separates “snapshots” from works of art, qualities that were revered one-hundred fifty years before Photoshop, and which remain equally important today. These skills rise from decades of experience, and utilizing the best possible lighting equipment to create each vision. Wherever possible, Acuity9 employs the highest-regarded, portable studio lighting and light modifiers in the industry to saturate the lens with perfectly lit subjects.

Acuity9 specializes commercial digital production for the following-

  • Studio product photography
  • On-site video productions- perfect for interviews or advertising
  • Web-and-print and promotional advertising photography
  • Architectural photography
  • Interior-exterior photography
  • Interior mural photography
  • On-site executive, group or family portraiture
  • Marine, aircraft, automotive and motorcycle photography
  • Select event photography / video

Please contact me directly to discuss your needs and schedule your shoot today!

Competitive  per-project, session and daily rates available.


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