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Acuity9 Digital Productions provides many different forms of commercial photography and broadcast-quality video and sound, for all types of businesses and budgets. Stock images although convenient and cheap, are a sacrifice in quality, chaining your creativity and forcing your business to adhere to someone else’s mass-duplicated style- which will NEVER be yours. Acuity9 Digital Productions works with you to provide custom imagery and video that will be singularly identified with you alone.

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About this latest offering from Acuity9 Digital Productions;

This latest image was captured in downtown Tampa, Florida of The FLORIDA MUSEUM OF PHOTOGRAPHIC ARTS (FMoPA) ( FMoPA is located in the Waterfront Arts District in Tampa, Florida, in Rivergate Plaza’s architecturally significant Cube, a soaring six-story atrium recognized as one of the most impressive interior spaces on the west coast of Florida. The museum is dedicated to exhibiting important photographic art as central to contemporary life and culture. FMoPA collects, preserves, and exhibits historic and contemporary works by nationally and internationally known photographic artists.