The Coming of the “Digital Dark Age”

You may not realize it, but due to our love and adoption for all things digital, we all are poised to suffer insurmountable loss in the history of humanity- the "Digital Dark Age".

In this era of digitizing everything- from financial and medical records to our photographic images, it is this last category- photography, where we might suffer the most.  Scientists and scholars agree that the incremental loss of the digital image record of your family, friends- and yourself, through accidental deletion of your digital photography will be catastrophic over time.  It is theorized by one Smithsonian curator, that within the time of several generations of our families, digital image loss will be so severe that it will be like that before photography was invented- no photographic record of you may exist.  Be forewarned, and do an Internet search for "Digital Dark Age" for a myriad of articles pertaining to the subject.

Think about the times you change cell phones- do you take the time to backup all of your pictures, or just accept the loss of candid photos you've taken and reset the old phone and move on?  Your "meaningless" images you have discarded are moments in time in your life- your "photographic record" that has just dwindled in history.  Multiply that by the times you ever had a hard drive die on your computer, a memory card failure, or plain lack of any sort of backup, and decades into the future, the the scholars predict the losses by the heirs of your remaining digital photographs will eventually ENSURE your entire life photographically will be rendered void- your photographic record simply will not exist.

We have all been seduced toward the Digital Dark Age by the conveniences of digital imagery- its easy "storability" and bulk production equally risks losing it all at once forever.  Our complacency in the importance of the protection of the images of special times in our lives will cost us all.  All our images- no matter how spontaneous or even "meaningless" they may seem, are important.  When was the last time you took a picture because the subject didn't actually have some importance to you? And even multiple backups are speculated to fail through simple loss, media degradation and technology obsolescence.

The simple solution is that we desperately need to start printing our images again.  Yes, I have a huge box of photographs I lug around in my life, with hundreds of old, "one-hour development" envelopes stuffed with printed pictures, many of which haven't seen the light of day since they were produced.  Yet, they EXIST.  On the other hand, I have literal thousands of digital images that too haven't been viewed in years, that do NOT "exist".

There are many avenues for you to print your most cherished images, making them available for friends and family to inherit, frame and display of happy reminders that you once existed in everyone's lives.  From personal printers to professional, large format "giclee" prints on archival paper that will last hundreds of years with care, you can stem the tide against the Digital Dark Age, and there is no better time than now to begin.

Or perhaps, the only thing left of you will be your epitaph.

Acuity9 is positioned to offer our images as visually stunning prints of the important times in your life- your photographic record, using archival pigments and paper that you will be proud to own, display and share with friends and family- virtually forever.  Contact Acuity9 today for more information- we care about your existence.