The NFT Process Explained

As the future unfolds before us, Blockchain technology will become second-nature for many things- the security of transactions is merely one. However, as that is not currently the case, some groundwork must be completed by all parties to transact in the new “Digital Marketplace”. Above all, Blockchain technology- and all its components, exist solely for providing extreme security on the Internet. It will take getting used to in becoming setup in the digital marketplace of the future, but the reward for the Digital Art world- and its benefactors, are like nothing seen before- welcome to the future of art collection!

* First, the artist needs a marketplace on the Internet to exhibit their work. There are several that specialize in Digital Art, and Acuity9 has chosen “OpenSea” and “Rarible” to offer limited edition collections for sale.
* Second, both the prospective buyer and the artist need “Digital Wallets” that will secure funds to pay and collect for art work purchased within any NFT marketplace. The popular choice for Digital Wallets in the NFT Art world is from “MetaMask“. This encrypted Digital Wallet is a downloadable extension for your web browser that interacts securely within web sites that only you distinctly specify- in the case of Acuity9, OpenSea.
* Third, the MetaMask wallet needs funded by dollars for the intended digital currency exchange- in this case “ETH” for the “Ethereum” exchange. You simply add dollars, which are converted to ETH, much like adding money to you Starbucks card or PayPal account, and MetaMask makes this easy by linking a debit card all while providing end-to-end encryption.
* Finally, the prospective purchaser visits the market place, chooses to buy an image, and is presented with a secure mechanism to fund the purchase from their digital wallet. The transaction made, the NFT now resides in the purchaser’s wallet, and in the case of Acuity9, the purchaser is presented with a link to download the original, high-resolution TIFF file of their purchased image. Thie original image is capable of being enlarged to wall size or larger, with incredible detail, or at anytime the purchaser wishes- for resale of the image to another buyer via transfer from the digital wallet.